Quebec Fishing Lodges

In Québec, fishing is more than simply a leisure activity or sport—it’s a way of life, a culture that has been passed on from generation to generation since time immemorial. It’s a way of reconnecting with nature and escaping the hectic pace of daily life. But on a territory as vast as Québec, how can one talk about fishing when there is such a wide variety of ways and places to do it? Imagine the peaceful solitude of fishing for brook trout at sunrise on any one of Québec’s tens of thousands of lakes, with a loon as your lone companion. You can also fish in the winter, in little cabins on the ice; in autumn, on the raging currents of any number of rivers emptying into the St. Lawrence; in the summer, on veritable interior oceans or magnificent little lakes; in the spring, as the ice begins to break.


Exhilarating challenge frames every fishing experience in Québec, set against a breathtaking array of landscapes, depending on whether you’re coveting arctic char, ouananiche (freshwater salmon), lake trout, sea trout, rainbow trout, pike perch (sauger), Northern pike, muskellunge, whitefish, Atlantic salmon or any one of dozens of other species that populate the lakes, rivers and marine environments of Québec.


Thanks to Québec’s outstanding outfitters, you can easily make your dream of a fishing paradise come true. These veritable forest inns offer anglers quality lodging, from the most luxurious accommodatio

n to the most rustic, in addition to various packages that can include meals, transportation by float plane, guide, boat, all-terrain vehicles, as well as the preparation, storage and shipping of your catch.

A stay at one of Québec’s outfitters, in one of 21 wildlife reserves or 62 ZECs (controlled harvesting zones) for hunting and fishing, can also be a family affair—with a wide range of leisure or nature interpretation activities to choose from. There’s something for everyone!

     Quebec Fishing Lodges



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